Agelenidy, breed description spider

Description Agelenidy spiders breed, characteristics, photos

Description Agelenidy spiders breed, characteristics, photos

Agelenidy – a family of spiders living on all continents with a warm, temperate climate. Insects prefer parks, gardens. They live mainly in the bush, shrub, tree bark. the body size of adult spider agelenida becomes about a half to three centimeters. Animal has three pairs of eyes which are located on the body with a distance of two millimeters. spider’s body is covered with little fur, resembling feathers, feather. Also present on the body are many toothy lines. They they capture food. They feed on small insects Agelenidy that catch in their nets. Eat spiders often a lot. Almost always, these spiders breed a feeling of the head. The trunk has a dirty-green color. This coloring allows insects to hide in the environment. Paws spider long, thin, have different lengths. On the back there is a brown ring is oval.

For a man Agelenidy are not deadly.

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