When we should to replant the thuja tree?

Spring - the best time for planting trees!

Spring – the best time for planting trees!

The thuja, in fact, is not capricious. So that to replant the thuja it is important to select the correct location and it must be competently prepared: there must be both peat and sand layer (cushion).

We must do the replant of a tree (for faster adaptation) with the radical clod of soil, as the roots of thuja no different strength and power.

When we must replant the thuja? The best time of replant of thuja is from April to October.If the root system of the tree is open, we should do the replant either in the spring or autumn, not summer.

You should to know that it is better to replant the coniferous trees in the spring. So they and thuja take root faster and better, they less expose to stress and are less prone to diseases that can appear when we will change the old area.