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The secrets of horticulture for amateurs and beginnersThe ornamental and the amateur gardening are very popularity among the gardeners in Ukraine and Russia. To the amateur gardeners belong the people who didn’t learn in the specialized universities, colleges, and who simply chose a new hobby.

A new hobby, especially the gardening, requires from you persistence and watch, because the amateur gardeners make a lot of mistakes – the selection of bad tree varieties, the struggle with pest, incorrect fertilizer and watering. In the most cases, these problems come to an end so that the harvest will be simply lost. After this the half gardeners have not more the desire to continue to engage in such a wonderful occupation, referring to the “Curves hands”.

Friends, the gardening – it is useful, interesting thing, and our advice, special secrets, both to beginners and experienced gardeners will help avoid any problems. Now, the tree planting, the choice of fertilizers, pest control do not cause of you any problems.

As many know, the kinds of gardening include several works: ornamental, planting, floriculture. If you look at the sections of the site, you can see all the categories, with a large list of literature, pictures. Here, on the official site of the project, we have described the work with trees, growing, care, different kinds of colorful flowers, berries, shrubs and more useful.

If you take the flower for beginners, we want to gather around the project all the gardeners, to carry out training courses and lessons so that people learn more interesting, useful about flowers from experienced professionals.The floriculture at home requires experience, effort, information.
Because, in the 21st century, the development of floriculture has increased significantly, and now, more and more creative fans can earn on this hobby great money.

And if you open the theme “shrubs”, ooh, there opens a whole new world! The ornamental, flowering, shrubs of different colors can bewitch every passersby. From our site, we will try to tell you more about the types of bushes, about how to make a hedge, how to cut and how to water and fertilize, and about all types of garden shrubs.

Another, the last rubric – is “berry”. Unfortunately, not everyone knows what the berries grow in the garden, i even not mention the wild berries, which are too much. It is especially useful for the kids to eat delicious, fortified berries from the garden. Take a moment and read about them on the website, learn all the features and methods of the growing at home.

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