Snowdrops, or Galanthus, description

Planting and care of snowdrops (Galanthus), the description and photo

Planting and care of snowdrops (Galanthus), the description and photo

Snowdrops (Galanthus) is a bulbous plant 10-15 cm high, have more narrow leaves. Growing up in Europe, the Crimea, the Caucasus and Asia Minor, bell-shaped flowers, white with green or yellow spots on the inside of the petal. Bloom in the second half of spring, when the weather is cool, it can grow throughout the month.

In nature, there are several kinds, and a large number of varieties of Galanthus. In Galanthus snow, little flowers, the inner side is green speck resembling a horseshoe. This species has about 20 varieties across more naturally and double flowers. Then follows a folded snowdrop, the largest variety of the flower can grow up to 16 cm in height. Blooming in late winter.

Another type – snowdrop broad-leaved him faint smell of flowers and in the second half of April, from all types of snowdrop most resistant to frost. In one area of ​​the garden can grow about 5-7 years, seat should be, when it bud and leaves wither. Bulb plants, digging, planting directly into the ground. In the fall fertilized with humus from the leaves. Dilute by separating head or seeds. Grown from seed snowdrop bloom only in the fifth year after emergence.

Snowdrop may develop gray rot, rots or white rot and rust. Pest is the root onion mite. On a bed will look beautiful if you put small group under a tree or near shrubs.