Red Mediterranean breed goats

Photos, description Red Mediterranean goat breeds, characteristic for home breeding

Photos, description Red Mediterranean goat breeds, characteristic for home breeding

Representatives of red Mediterranean goat breeds (rossa mediterranea goats) are quite popular in certain areas. For example, in the countries of the Middle East, the Mediterranean and the other. There is a variety of animals from the Syrian or as they are called, Mambrino (mambrina). Almost all varieties of red Mediterranean group of goats are found in small or medium-sized farms, whose economy is considered to be half wild or semi-stabulato (stabulato). It is known that, in Italy there are many types of cheeses and other dairy products of superior quality. That’s what is presented species of which produce milk choice, expensive dairy elegance.

For its own conformation characteristics, kind of have the following data: a medium-sized, powerful body; deep chest; straight back and loins; bulging belly and wide; well-developed udder in a form resembling a pear (also known as pecorino); a small head with a straight profile, which posted a small nose, long enough beard both sexes breed, long and narrow ears; graceful neck area that stretched gently and smoothes the transition to the body; long, strong legs, which is inherent in a dark color; inherent horns like goats and a goat. Wool cover animals characterized by long hairs, bright red color (sometimes pronounced white spots on the head and abdomen). Adult goat height of approximately 70-85 cm and goats – 65-80 cm.

Male Weight Representative – waver from 70 to 75 kg, goats – from 45 to 50 kg. In view of woolen coat shiny and abundantly covers all the body. The skin is almost always has shades of brown. For the first time representatives of the women give birth to new offspring in the age of 13-15 months. For a time my mother goat gives birth to one or two toddlers.

During the period of lactation in goats after the first birth becomes 270-275 liters of milk, after the second birth – about 440-445 liters of milk product due laktatsiozny interval. A record number of produce milk during one lactation officially registered on the territory of Sicily, it is there need to become from 570 to 750 kg, which is an incredible phenomenon. To achieve similar results can be in any place, the main thing – the right care and good conditions for your favorite pet, then they will thank the good productivity and high-quality product.

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