Saanen goats, description

Photos, description Saanen goats for breeding and domestic content characteristic

Photos, description Saanen goats for breeding and domestic content characteristic

Goat Saanen is one of the oldest in Europe, and is recognized as one of the best breeds of goats worldwide. The origins of Saanen is a long time, then, the locals collected the best goats and crossed them with each other, transferring only the highest quality. As a result turned out great breed, capable of bringing high productivity. Positive impact and climate, as Saanen goats were distributed mainly in the Alps, where a lot of greenery, water and clean air.

In the post-Soviet space Saanen goats began to import more in the period of imperial Russia. Even then, local economic grounds appreciated the high milk production and have begun to actively raise for future use. Nowadays, these goats are concentrated in the center and north-west Russia.

The main difference from other Zaananskoy goats – a white coat color and a fairly large size and pronounced features of the milk type. The trunk is large and dense, strong bones and lungs. The muscular system is developed well, the skin is thin and flexible. Head small, small ears erect. Legs long and strong. The goats have small horns, some goats may also be small horns, and can meet and hornless breed representatives. Wool is white, sometimes with a yellow tinge, short and rough. If severe cold in the winter, it usually grows more undercoat. On the neck are often formed small leather outgrowths that grows hair, the people they are called catkins. Part of the head, ears and udders are not covered with hair, at this point formed the dark pigment spots. Udder shape resembles a large brain with long and thick nipples.

Zaananskie goats are recognized as the largest in the world, their growth becomes up to 80 cm at the withers, and goats can grow up to 90 cm. The weight is also quite large and sometimes even more than in the sheep meat breeds. Goats-makers can reach more than 100 kg, and goats – 80-85 kg. Most of Saanen goats hornless, only about 20% have horns.

Zaananskie goats – is not only champions in the heavyweight category, but also among the winners of milk. Some goats lactation period last year, others produce milk about 270 days a year. Milk productivity is excellent, it is 600-800 kg milk with a high fat content – 4%. To a goat fully developed it is necessary that was about 3 years old. In the fourth year of the goat razdaivatsya well, and it brings the most revenue. Zaananskih goats grow at home and on big productions, because it is very profitable. With a herd can receive more than one ton of milk, and under ideal conditions of detention – more than 3 tons! To improve the yield of any other breed goats have to cross it with a goat Zaananskim then be passed a special gene that is responsible for higher yields. This experiment is successful in almost 80% cases.

In Zaanaskoy goat is very well developed maternal instincts. For one lambing can give birth to 2-3 young goat, about 4-5 kg ​​of weight. They are born quite strong and will melt almost immediately on his feet. Young goats first mono cover at the age of one year. If a herd of 100 ewes, the cycle for them, you can get 170-180 kids. Young kid is very fast growing and gaining weight. At the age of six months, it is already possible to use young as inseminator. Goats develop a little longer, so when the goats reach sexual maturity they are best separated from the young goats, until they fully ripen.

Saanen goats are very calm, quiet, friendly. They do not rush at once owner, love children and are showing positive interest in other animals. Good play with dogs, birds. They rarely cry and resent. Zaananskie goats are great for divorce in the home.

Zaananskaya goat – the subject of study in the scientific institutions, which also work on breed selection and improvement of other breeds. Crossbreed goats Zaanaskih s representatives of other breeds and in the home, because it can significantly increase yields. Plus, milk is of excellent quality, with no unpleasant aftertaste and a specific smell. Unnecessary odors may only appear when the living conditions are deteriorating. The room should be warm, dry and roomy. Another detail, which need to know is that not neutered goats can emit an unpleasant odor, so if there are any, then it is better to keep away from all other animals.

The breed became popular in absolutely all parts of the country. Every farmer remained pleased with the productive qualities of Saanen goats, set records for milk yield could regularly. The most responsibly to improve the breed arrived in France, Germany, Czechoslovakia, Romania, Belgium, Israel and China. In these countries, an improved special breed Saanen goats, which are also actively cultivated by farmers.

In large productions and small household Zaananskih milk goats are used for a variety of purposes. The milk can be pasteurized, it is possible to make the basis of milk. To use all of the fat content of the milk produce a variety of cheeses, butter, cottage cheese, yogurt and even yogurt. So often on large productions combine the production of milk and its processing into food. In a market like dairy products are in great demand, despite the price, because goat’s milk is very useful and tasty.

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