Chantohangi description breed goats

In addition to the original title “chantohangi” variety is also called “Pashmina”. The first representative of the variety seen in the territories of Jammu and Kashmir that are diligent in the Tibetan mountains, as well as in the areas of Ladakh and Chantohangi.

Description breed goats chantogani, characterization, breeding, and photos

Description breed goats chantogani, characterization, breeding, and photos

Breeding these goats provided meat for getting productive, as well as making various things from wool coats for pets, hair, by the way, is one of the most popular around the world. Woolen products find a magnificent product, and in the fashion world know it as the “pashmir”. Hairs from different species chantohagni thick, voluminous hair, which abundantly covers the entire body.

Animals can live virtually in all weather conditions. Chantohani not afraid of the cold, because their heats their own cover. Harsh climates in the areas of Ladakh are a good terrain for the survival and prosperity of pashmina goats. It is this climate is characterized by a maximum cold and at the same time the maximum warmth. It is known that the thermometer digits begin to fluctuate between -40 and +40 degrees Celsius for performance. Even in extreme conditions similar habitat chantohagni will be able to find their own food, and safely carry out their own mandatory functions.

We mentioned earlier about the coat unusual pets. The fact is that all around the world are popular pashminskie shawl that turned their appearance all the fashion boutiques. Shawls made from refined, warm furs chantogani and today exported everywhere.

Exterior Features the coat provided these meet a variety of breeds. The colors are brown, black, dark gray, but the main difference of color – a variety of transfusion dark scales. The breed has a pashmina or hornless, or lack thereof. In most cases, pets have large, rounded horns which significantly curled. At first glance, it may seem that pets are fragile beings because animals employ the best designers and brands, but it is not so.

Despite the popularity of animals, they are also used as the pack, because goat chantohagni hardy and indeed resistant to various diseases, the immune system via distinct. When it gets warm, the pupils with great pleasure that descend from the rocky mountains to catch a certain amount of time in the pastures, which are located in areas of Alpine meadows that are high above sea level. When the summer comes to an end, the animals are moving to the mountain valleys, which is low compared to the summer settlement of animals.

Average daily milk production chantohangi in intervals of 0.2-0.5 liters (after a period of selection of small babies in the mother). Statistics show that at least 20% each year, hammered goats for meat products works. Unfortunately, more and more scientists kozovody prove that pets will soon disappear, so leave a genetic reserve chantohagni or pashmina.

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