How to water the tomatoes, tips

How often to water the tomatoes in the open field, description, tips

How often to water the tomatoes in the open field, description, tips

What can no longer be associated with the summer like fresh, juicy tomatoes! These delicious fruits of its bright appearance and amazing aroma instantly cause appetite. But it is worth remembering that the ovary is not opal, tomatoes were juicy, large, and the plants themselves are not faded – they need to be watered regularly. In this article we want to acquaint you with the basic rules of watering these useful vegetables. Let’s start with seedlings planted in open ground.

When transplanting you immediately started abundantly watered plants, then this article is for you! It do not need. It turns out that in the landing pit pour in enough water to the young plants can hold about 5 days. The weather should be warm but not hot.

Within five days after planting, the soil should be watered to loosen and warm water (about 25 degrees). It is worth remembering especially in cool weather. If it’s cloudy, the seedlings can be watered throughout the day. Otherwise watering tomatoes strictly prohibited! In the sun, the plant can simply burn out. Therefore, in these just blow them after sunset. In the morning also not the best time for watering. Drops of water on the sheets can lead to overheating of the plant. For tomatoes not dried up, the soil need to rest every three days. Water injection is desirable at the root, so as not to damage the foliage.

And when the first fruits, a little amount of water increase. For convenience, you can use a hose. Try to direct the jet so that the tomatoes prepared moisture lateral roots.

If you want to speed up this process, you can use plastic bottles of approximately one and a half liters. This is no big deal. Just stock up on bottles and follow the instructions: take an empty plastic bottle (pre-washed), proceed to cover several small holes (from the density of the soil depends on the number of holes), cut the opposite side. Then simply insert the prepared bottles of root system upside down. Do this with all the tomatoes. Now you can simply pour water into the bottle.

If you want to connect with watering dressings – use a drip irrigation system.

Now that you know many ways for watering tomatoes. Follow our advice and you will succeed!

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