Corn harvesting technology

Cleaning technology corn, header, description and a photo

Cleaning technology corn, header, description and a photo

Corn – tall annual herb with an extensive root system. This cereal planted a lot of people
millennium. Its use, the universal destination she had long since earned the title of “Queen of the fields.”

Corn begin to collect when it reaches full maturity, provided that the humidity does not exceed 36. Grain Collection desirable to produce within 21 days. If you do not harvest in time, there may be large losses of grain.

Collect corn can in different ways: Corn (harvested cabbage with foliage, grinding stalks) or Combine harvesters (grain only get after treatment).

After threshing the grain is sent to the warehouse, and later on a talk where it is re-clean, dry and go to save, if it is not used. The crushed stalks dumped in silos. Harvested grain can be used in food purposes, feed or seed. It depends on how the storage, drying, cleaning.

Corn feed harvested when the grain moisture content reaches 39, it is collected Combine machines with additional attachments. Rods and leaves are milled, stored without re-drying.
Also corn harvested for silage and green fodder. For the first waiting for the grain reaches the milk-wax ripeness. To gather green forage, it is necessary to wait for the flowering of corn.

As you can see, the grass is really versatile. We use it as food, feed for cattle and other. But first of all, to get to the corn something useful, it is necessary to collect properly.

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