Tips for fertilization of corn

Tips for fertilization of corn, description and a photo

Tips for fertilization of corn, description and a photo

Corn – one of the most cultivated crops in agriculture. It is very demanding to the presence in the ground right amount of nutrients. Long-term experience of farms that received high yields of vegetables, proved the effectiveness of the addition of large amounts of mineral supplements under the culture. A considerable part of fertilizing is introduced into the soil during seedbed cultivation. From September to November is usually added organic fertilizer to thirty kg / ha in the zone of chestnut soils up to 37 quintals – in areas of fertile soil.

Application rate before sowing fertilization depends on its total amount, which will be made, depending on the planned harvest. 110 kg of nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus is added to the soil, characterized forest zone. In areas of dark brown soil making 150 kg of potassium in the mixed area and broadleaf forest – at 60-120 kg of nitrogen and phosphorous to 60 and potassium.

To plant increased root mass, they were more resistant, the right thing would have been to feed the mineral, potassium supplements during the actual planting these vegetables. This technique makes the mineral fertilizer more efficiently. Additives are introduced special poselochnymi machines directly during sowing six seven centimeters from the line and six centimeter depth of the level of seeding. The experience of advanced economies shows the great benefit of preplant dressings as it increases the yield of maize to five quintals to one hundred thousand square meters.

In the forest-steppe zone and the western north of Ukraine rate of addition of thirteen kilograms of nitrogen and phosphorus. The Barrens rate is 55 kg of phosphorus additives when row application.

When planning more high yield of this crop, fertilizers must be applied as a top dressing. Of particular importance in the dressing becomes when for some reason the fertilizer was not made enough of during maize seed or further processing of the soil.

Also great increase maize yields copper, boron fertilization with the addition of potassium permanganate.

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