Growing beans and care tips

Planting beans in the open field, care, cultivation, description and a photo

Planting beans in the open field, care, cultivation, description and a photo

The benefits of beans everyone knows. Also set of vitamins, the culture contains a protein that is necessary for the organism. Now we will acquaint you with the rules bean planting and caring for her.

The plant loves the heat, so it should be planted in May. Be prepared soil. Before the onset of winter, fertilize it with manure (5 liters / square meter), in April, fertilize the soil with chemical fertilizers. Good predmestnikami considered the Cucurbitaceae family, Solanaceae, cabbages. Spread the beans should be at the end of May.

Seeds should also be prepared in advance. Soak them in a solution of potassium permanganate for half an hour, then wash under running water, soak in the solution for wood ash 15 minutes.

The seeds are ready for planting. Prepare the holes with a distance of 12 cm, depth – 4-6 cm between rows – half a meter. Put on 4-7 seed in the hole. When they sprout, leave 2-4 plant.

How to care for beans.
Loose soil, clean of weeds, fertilize when the beans begins to bloom. Spray, diseases. Watering the plant is not worth it. If beans vestsya, vytknite meter stick near the stem.

When the beans are ripe to begin the harvest. Digging up the plant in the morning. follicle length should be 7-12 cm, thickness – 1 cm.
Bushes pulled and sent to maturation.

In order to not bred beetles beans, store the beans at a temperature no higher than 11 degrees.

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