Tips for growing watermelons

Growing watermelon seedlings at home, tips, descriptions and photos

Growing watermelon seedlings at home, tips, descriptions and photos

Watermelon – a symbol of summer. In addition to bright appearance, pleasant taste, it is perfectly quenches thirst saturates the body with vitamins. Unfortunately, we can not be sure that the market, store melons do not contain chemicals. So we decided to tell you how you can grow this plant at home.

Some gardeners grow seedlings of watermelon, which is prepared in advance. Planting in the ground is carried out a month after planting the seeds. It is advisable to approach this process seriously: seeds of seedlings no later than at the beginning of May. If you want to accelerate the growth of the plants, soak the seeds in hot water for seventeen minutes. It is important that the plants grew from seeds germinated, so after the “water bath” wrap them in a damp cloth, which is periodically moisten. This procedure is carried out until the sprouts are not reached three millimeters. When the seeds begin to germinate, obezzarazte of potassium permanganate solution (soak for thirty minutes). Experienced gardeners know that melon negatively reacts to transplant.

To avoid the loss of plants grown seedlings in large containers filled with a mixture of earth, peat, sand, manure in a ratio of 1: 1. You can also add the wood ash and mineral supplements. Watering containers permitted only with warm water. Seeds can be planted in twenty-four hours. Put two to three pit. Tanks, cover with plastic bags or cling film, move them into heat. When you see the first shoots, the plant open access to sunlight. lower the air temperature to 18 degrees. This contributes to the rapid quenching the growth of plants. A few days back is the old point.

The next step is watering. Moisten the soil to relieve himself, using warm water. When the watermelon leaves begin to form, it is desirable to fertilize the soil. For the first time ideal “Kemira Plus” solution. Seven days after the first feeding, fertilize the culture solution of manure and water. A few weeks before transplanting into the ground, increase the time of its stay on the street.

If you still gathered to grow watermelons in the beds, make sure that they create hothouse conditions. Planting seedlings is desirable to be carried out in late May, early July. It depends on the weather, this culture is afraid of the cold, so wait for favorable weather.
Now you know how to grow watermelons. Have a good harvest and a bright summer!

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