Plants for shade-loving garden

Shade plants for growing in the garden

Shade plants for growing in the garden

Your garden is in the shade, and you do not know that you can plant? We have prepared you a list of the most popular vegetables and herbs that like to grow in the shade!

There are many plants love the shade. If you give the right care and the right food – can be successfully grow different plants, even from seed. But we need to pay attention to when choosing pridelnyh seeds.

If you want your plants were fertile, then put his soul in his plan. You must love the work you do, invest efforts, care and desire. To do this you need to work at full capacity, it needs to care for the soil and its treatment. Growing vegetables need to know their need for sunlight, and provide the necessary nutrients to the soil in which they grow. When all of these criteria come together in one piece, you can count on the fact that the work was not in vain.


The plot is in full shade or with a few glimpses of light are ideal for beet. Beet loves the cool soil, good moisture and do not forget the fertilizer, then the beets will be well to bear fruit.


In order to harvest broccoli is to plant it in full shade and to keep the weeds, do not let them grow.

Brussels sprouts

If you want to grow the sprouts, the first seeds of the container. As soon as the first leaves sprout, immediately can be transplanted into the garden or on the balcony in a dark place, but make sure that the soil around the germ is not damp.

White cabbage

Search on the site wet and cool place. Cole likes rich soil and fertilizer. You can put both early and late. And, you can plant, cabbage, beans, onions in a row with all of your favorite spice oregano.


Potatoes are also planted in dark places. She loves the constant moisture and coolness. Keep the potatoes should be the room that can be aired and without the risk that gets there cold, otherwise potatoes disappear. The latter – do not use a fertilizer with a high content of nitrogen.

A few shade-vegetables – cauliflower, garlic, onions. And also, mint, parsley, basil, thyme, dill, green onion, sage.

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