Tips for watering cabbages in the open field

How often to water the cabbages in the open field, tips, descriptions and photos

How often to water the cabbages in the open field, tips, descriptions and photos

Lovers of gardens knows that water shortage could affect the crop. This applies to the cabbage. After all, juicy, crunchy vegetables need water. About how to properly carry out watering cabbage, now we will tell.

The plant develops in three stages. The first period lasts from seeding until the sprouts. Second – by transplanting into the ground to the fetus. Last, the final stage ends with the harvest. For each stage has its own nuances watering. Now we look at how to do it.

Cabbage, like any other vegetable, not like abundant watering. Moderation in this matter – the most important thing. Early cabbage varieties require high humidity, but it should not exceed 75%. Otherwise zagniyut plant roots.

Once the plant begins to grow, it needs to be watered every two days (2-3 liters of water / bush). If a lot of clay, moisturize it half as often as a part of the soil. If the roots become stronger, you need to stop watering. Cabbage early varieties of watering about 10 times. In hot weather, moisten the ground more often.

It is advisable not to water the cabbage day, do it late in the afternoon. Water use warm (20-25 degrees).

To increase productivity, mix the glaze with the fertilizer. Be sure to loose soil, so water is better because comes to the roots.

You probably know about drip irrigation. This efficient method allows to quickly increase the irrigation area. Drip system allows you to spend a minimum of watering forces.

As you can see, there are several methods of watering, so everyone can choose the most convenient for you. In keeping with our recommendations, you will grow a lot of beautiful and most importantly useful vegetables.

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