Tips on rye fertilizer

Soil fertilizer system for rye, tips, descriptions and photos

Soil fertilizer system for rye, tips, descriptions and photos

Each plant reacts positively to fertilizer. Rye, though less demanding on the fertilizer meets the great harvest. Though it and grow on marginal soils with fertilizer, rye productivity increases significantly.

Scientists have brought the addition of 35 tons of fertilizer / hectare increases the yield by 3-4 times. It is best to fertilize the soil with humus containing phosphoric flour. Approximately 35 tons of fertilizer needed for sod-podzolic soils, humus to take 10 tons less. As a green manure sown “wolf beans” and plow together with mineral additives. Do this, if the soil in your area is wet.

Rye has many advantages. For example, it goes wrong, such as wheat, better absorption of nutrients.

From the use of phosphate fertilizers phosphoric flour. It is very effective, especially on marginal soils. Make it at the time of sowing (approximately forty kilograms / hectare). If the soil is acidic, fertilize it with lime (four tonnes / ha).

Feel free to plant the corn, because it is a very useful product. Cereal is not only rich in vitamins, minerals, but prevents the development of various diseases. Rye, it’s very simple!

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