Fertilizer cabbage. helpful hints

The best fertilizer for cabbage, useful fertilizing, description and a photo

The best fertilizer for cabbage, useful fertilizing, description and a photo

Cabbage – a source of health and longevity. In its composition has many vitamins (early varieties leaves contain 20% of vitamin C, of ​​late – 70%), minerals. But as for any plant, to care for her. Grow it is not difficult to deal with that even the most inexperienced gardener. But in this article we’ll show you how and when to fertilize cabbage to soon enjoy a delicious, rich harvest.

If you decide to grow cauliflower, it will be good to know that she loves phosphorus. Therefore, it is desirable to make fertilizer, which has a part of the component. Otherwise you see dying top sheets, covered by small blisters. Enrich the culture of nitrogen, potassium, molybdenum. Universal fertilizer contraindicated (they contain chlorine, which has a negative effect).

twice during the growing season to feed cauliflower. First – for two weeks after planting, the second – the formation of the fetus. For the first time, use a solution of 0.5 liters of mullein / ten liters of water. To use the second time bird excrement with water at a ratio of 1:20. After a feeding cabbages grow big, juicy. Do not overdo it with fertilizer, so as not to damage the plant!

Cabbage should be fertilized about four times during active growth. To improve young shoots of growth, fertilize them with a solution of manure with water (1:10). This procedure is advisable to apply only once. When the vegetables begin to grow longer, to the feeding is ready. All that is needed – potassium, nitrogen. Even in this time of growth in culture can enrich cabbage substance “Kristanol” – a complex mineral fertilizer intended for fertilizing, plant provides the necessary nutrients. Enough to dissolve 1-2 tablespoons of substance.

It is worth considering each variety of this culture need to enrich at different times. Late cabbage is desirable to fertilize when will form cabbage. The proportions vary fertilizing substances. The amount of phosphorus, potassium increase and a half times, the nitrogen dose is reduced by half. Keep feeding more frequently (up to 6 times during the summer). With the latter substance of care. If you can not make it within the specified period, cabbages cracked.

There is a useful way of fertilizing vegetable. In the presence of wood shavings, use a glass of fertilizer per square meter.

Fertilize cabbage should be doubled for the whole period of growth. The first time – until 2-3 weeks after transplanting into the soil. Second – for 50-60 days before harvest.

Beijing cabbage “feed” fertilizers is prohibited! Can only land pre-enriched nutrients.

Broccoli fertilize with a solution mullein a week after landing.

As you can see, a delicious, low-calorie, rich, useful vegetable does not require a lot of time and effort. And with our helpful tips, you can easily grow several varieties of cabbage.
Love the plants, take care of them. Only then they will grant you a rich harvest. The most important thing in this case – patience and love!

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