How to get rid of a mole in the greenhouse, with their own hands

Избавляемся от крота правильно!Before that I just did, to get rid of moles in a greenhouse – bathed in the water holes, and added carbide and kerosene, and urea. And daffodils planted and bean. And peas cooked in vinegar – sprinkled into holes and scorched pieces of fur laying. And burying three-liter jar, and put the windmills, but finally settled on this method as the most efficient.

Fighting against moles what is the best way to use at home?

Two pieces of steel wire 25-30 cm long stuck in the ground at a distance of 5 cm to a depth of 10 cm and each wear metal jar of beer or cola. The electric (possible screwdriver) insert a long drill diameter of 6-8 mm and includes portability. For a minute I drive on every drill rod up and down and back and forth. Then I removed the bars every 1.5-2 m along the length of the greenhouse. I manage all the greenhouse on the perimeter. And so every 7-10 days. Of course, while the roar of a strong, so you need to insert into the ears of cotton wool and put on a hat.

But it is just such a way, I got rid of moles in a greenhouse at their summer cottage. Even the neighbors helped to banish moles.

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