Friends, each can grow the fruit trees and home trees. It is worth to remember that the technology of it is not complicated, the information on our website will help you overcome fear and feel yourself like a real gardener!

There are several types of trees: fruits, ornamental, coniferous. It seems not much, but just every kind of tree needs from the gardner the different knowledge of pruning, conditions of growing, care, feeding.We will tell you how to grow the fruit tree at home, we will teach you how to grow the ornamental and coniferous trees. The main rule for the start of growing a tree near the house is the presence of the area.I think you agree that without the area will be not the garden. Found the area? Super, lets start to study the literature.

Remember, you can grow a big tree at home with a bone – it is the proven option and rather simple, if you want to save some money. Unfortunately, the option with a bone isn’t so good for the more expensive and unusual kinds of trees. In this situation you should search for the cutting or branches, and than we prepare a suitable area and get to work !