Cherry plum, planting and care

Cherry plum planted in the following ways: seeds (pits) roots. So that to create a new variety of cherry plum or for growing wilding, we put bone of cherry plum in the soil, and then connect them with the cultural species. It should be noted – after planting with seeds, the fruit will be worst quality. You must be more attentive with planting the root.

Growing cherry plum in garden, seedlings

Red cherry plum, planting and care.

Red cherry plum, planting and care.

If you decided to buy a seedling of cherry plum, the first you must pay attention, to the condition of the root system. The cut roots should have a cream / light color. Dead shoots must be painted in dark colors. After buying seedlings, you have to bring them at home soon and to plant them. Better to use a seedling the annual age. A plant will be better develop with a perfect root system, even if the above-ground portion is terrible damage.

How to plant a cherry plum seedlings – step by step instruction

When we planting the cherry plum, we should fill the pit with a thin layer of soil, mixed with fertilizers (organic and mineral). The roots we put in the direction down to the soil. On top of the roots we put the soil and pressed to improve contact with the root system of the soil. Than we add a bit of corrugated soil, slightly above the general level of the ground in the garden. Thus, the circle will appear around the seedlings. To water the plum is recommended about 1-2 buckets of one seedling. The last step is to add humus, hay or straw, and so on. The height of the layer about 10 centimeters.