The technology of growing Apple orchard

The placing of apple trees in the orchard.

The placing of apple trees in the orchard.

When we are going to plant an apple garden, the method of placement of the trees. Should be selected starting from the local weather conditions, as well as varieties of seedlings which we are going to plant and the relief of selected area.
There are several methods for planting apple gardens.

  • rectangular;
  • chess;
  • line with trees;
  • outline (suitable for placement on the slopes).

The placing of apple trees in the garden.

The placement of trees depends on the accuracy of the apple trees, and if they can develop together. For the proper growth they need good lighting, the trees with the large crowns should be placed on the northern part of the future apple garden. You must choose the ranks for planting before. The early varieties of apple trees give fruit from June 10 to July 1, the summer – from 1 July to 10 August, autumn and late autumn – from 1 August to 10 September, winter – from 10 September to 20 October. During the planting of apple garden you must pay attention to the soil and relief of the area. The best option is a small slope (6-8°), this ensures a certain flow of cool, fresh air of the garden. The bad area for the development of any tree is depressions with a closed air availability. So that to plant an apple tree in the spring, you should dig a pit since the autumn, if you want to plant a tree in the autumn, dig a pit for 15 days before planting. The sizes of the pit for the apple seedlings: width of about 60-80 cm, depth – 50 cm. The top layer of fertile soil from the pit you should put to one side, the lower – try to throw to the other side. In the central part of the pit you must put a small stick, a length of 1-1.2 meters.

You can plant an apple garden in the spring and autumn. In the autumn you should do it in mid-September, near 15-30 September. In spring in 5-6 days after the start of field work.

As many other orchards of fruit trees, apple likes water, you must try throughout the period of the formation and early growth of seedlings to water them. 2-3 watering (20-25 days between each) with a light loosening of soil.