The treatment of diseases of fruit trees

The wounds on the trees, the treatment after breaking or cuting of the tree

The wounds on the trees, the treatment after breaking or cutting of the tree

The treatment of fruit trees from infection. Now we will consider the options for the treatment of infectious diseases of fruit trees. So, first you have to completely delete all of the affected part of cortex and thus to capture a small portion of healthy place, and the capture must be pointy-oval. When you did this item, to make the disinfection of the place and immediately you must try to anoint the place of the tree with the garden mastic. Also you should pay attention to the fact that all the affected parts of the cortex, that you cut, you need to take away from your garden.

The wounds on the trees, the treatment after breaking or cutting of the tree

The methods of the treatment of fruit trees are substantially identical and during treatment of infectious diseases. The main thing that we need to notice in the treatment of the fruit trees after the breaking of the trees, you should completely delete the stumps and broken branches. It is also recommended after the cutting to paint the tree with the protective paint, yellow or brown.

The treatment of the hollows of the fruit trees.

Now we will consider the topic of the treatment of the hollows of trees (for example, treatment of the hollow apple trees ), especially if it is very neglected, this may be difficult, in spite of the fact that there are quite a lot of methods of treatment. If you immerse yourself in the history, the Romans at first protected the interior of the hollow, and then they put the pine resin inside the hollow and then they poured into the hollows pebble or even cemented. If we talk about the treatment of hollows of the fruit or conifers trees, in our time, there were not so much changes. At first we make a disinfection, and then cover the area with oleoresins (pine resin ), and then fill the hollow interior of rubble and cementing. The edges near the cortex is recommended after drying of cement to paint with oil paint.