How and when to trim raspberry

How to trim raspberry bushes, autumn, spring or summer? Recommendations gardeners!

How to trim raspberry bushes, autumn, spring or summer? Recommendations gardeners!

Trim raspberries recommend, as soon as completed the collection of the total crop. Also before it is carried out “cleansing” of the weak and broken shoots, it is necessary to Bush not to waste the excess moisture and did not give the desired growth substances. This procedure is carried out with a year-old shoots.

In Malinniki remain unnoticed infected stems, they put in danger standing next to the bushes, because they are the source of infection. Pay extra attention to the “bushes”, they should spare no clean up, they sometimes clog the site more than a weed.

When I saw the extra shoots, cut them. It is best suited to the aid of a shovel, cut at a depth, otherwise the stems will grow more intense.

If your raspberries planted bushes or rows, then as soon as spring comes, you will see what sprouts, suffered the cold, so you need to keep only the best to stem the rate of 5 per plant. From getting rid of unnecessary costs. Then cut the tops have dried up and germs, those that have been left for fruiting. Shorten can be no more than 30 centimeters, so as not to hurt the already well-formed kidney.

Greatly shorten the raspberry is not necessary, it can lead to no more fruiting, but this berry can be larger and the number of berries on the branches grow markedly. If not timely circumcision berry is small.

There is another method of pruning – Sobolev method. Method is to cut two times. This applies to tall mind raspberry, top young shoots pinch out in early August at 10-12 centimeters, in this case there are new branches that early next spring shortened by about 8-16 centimeters, and the inch is left untouched. Therefore, in the final result, new shoots provide some additional branches, so that the bush will increase significantly in size, become more elaborate. That test this method, many gardeners praise him not only an increase of fruiting, but extending the period yields. So do not be afraid to experiment, try out this method on a couple of bushes.