Seed scarification at home

How to scarification of seeds. How to quickly and correctly sprout seeds at home, photo

As an example, to speed up the process of seed germination using scarification of seeds, we have chosen a flower abutilon. home scarification seed completely real and accessible to everyone.

Seeds abutilon covered with a dense, solid, waterproof shell. Under natural conditions, under the influence of natural factors, it gradually breaks down, moisture penetrates the inside, and at an opportune moment the seed germinates. The culture has to be used scarification – deliberately damage the shell of seeds to accelerate germination. To do this, the seeds manually fray with a coarse sand or metal filings, put the mixture in gauze bags and three times quickly dipped in boiling water, then in cold water

A good effect is the use of sandpaper №120. For this, one sheet of paper laid out the seeds, another leaf secured in grater grinding and put on the seeds. Easy movements without pressure, so as not to damage the embryo inside the seed grater move in different directions. When the lower sheet of sandpaper will appear very small pieces of shell removed, the seeds are ready for sowing.