Abutilon, propagation by cuttings

Цветок абутилона, фотоFor vegetative propagation of cuttings to abutilon you are required to select the strongest, really perfectly developed shoots, preferably with the lower part of the flower stem, as they give the roots more quickly. Abutilon rooting cuttings can be in the ordinary soil mixture of peat and sand (in greenhouse at least + 23-25 ​​° C) in water or by immersing it in 2/3 stalk.

“Best of grafted at a time when the plant is healthy and actively growing, then cut the shoots will root for 7-10 days.”

Depending on the grade and quality of the cutting abutilon appearance of the roots can be expected in 5-20 days. The fastest root white- and yellow-flowered cultivars, abutilon with beautiful flowers propagated by cuttings reluctantly.

Young plants obtained from the cuttings, first planted in a pot with a diameter of not more than 9 cm. After the first wave of flowering and the development of abutilon rolled over into larger pots with a diameter of 13-15 cm. For fluffy sprawling bush is better to use wide pots.

Time will tell abutilon transplant itself. If you notice that the roots sticking out of the drainage holes of the pot, plant growth slowed, the flowers become smaller – it’s time to repot.

On a note:

  • Abutilon with green leaves can be propagated by seed, formed after pollination of flowers. At the same time we must be prepared for the fact that the color of the flowers in the offspring will be strikingly different from the parent.
  • Variegated forms when grown from seeds do not retain varietal characteristics and are converted into ordinary plants with green leaves.