Delphinium – reproduction by seed, division of the bush

Reproduction delphinium, all of the most productive ways

Reproduction delphinium, all of the most productive ways

Propagated delphinium, like other colors, in several ways: by cuttings, seeds and division of the bush. If you want to get a new kind of plant, the seed propagation, as the “parent” does not transmit to posterity their decorative qualities.

Sow seeds at different times, but optimally – the end of August, beginning of September. For crop needs light soil. If care is correct – the seedlings seem already on the 15th day.

Seating seedlings planted next year, in the spring. If you have a greenhouse, you can safely sow in March. The seedlings thinned and planted in late May in the open ground. And in August, the plant begins its bloom and delight the eye.

propagation method. Preform liquor takes place in February in the greenhouses. New shoots will be cut off and on the cuttings. With a plant that grows in the ground as possible to take cuttings, cut them need at the end of April – early May, and preferably of the same length, about 6 centimeters. Trim almost at the very root. Next, you need to root in the sand with a mixture of land.

Groom cuttings as well as other plants and reproducing manner.

Adults flowers delphiniums (about 3 years) are propagated by dividing the bush. When spring comes the bush to dig and divide the root of several particles. Next plant and produce a growing seedlings. But this method has a disadvantage, because the root of the division may begin to rot. Therefore, for the generalist growing delphinium is better not to use this method.