Primrose flower, how to grow a garden from seeds

How does it look, photos, description. We grow in the garden area. All secrets

How does it look, photos, description. We grow in the garden area. All secrets

Only the snow come down, as the multi-colored carpet covers the ground primrose flower. The people are called primrose key. And indeed, the form of the flower resembles the key that opens the door spring.

The plant is not for nothing that derived its name from the word “prima” – “first.” Primula exactly diva spring – one of the first spring flowers. How to grow primula we know and want to share useful information with our readers.

Now on sale there is a very good grades primroses in pots. You can plant them in the garden? When this is done? – First, you should ask sellers what the primrose cultivar and under what conditions it should be grown. After all, there are varieties that are suitable for indoor care, and have to grow in the flower garden. Just note: most varieties of primroses that are on sale, it is advisable to plant in the open ground in the garden. Since the plants are sold in containers, the root system is not damaged during transplantation, so it can be done as soon as the land is suitable for digging. Primrose – Early spring flower, so it does not increased sensitivity to temperature, soil or air.

If you are going to transplant the plant, exposing their roots growing in the open field, it is necessary to do after flowering.

Where to plant primroses? Choosing the right place

Primrose can easily grow and the sun, and in the penumbra. Not bad feeling even under trees. Also it is necessary to choose a pretty wet place on the site. With the lack of moisture the plants grow and develop bad, can completely perish.

Primula, care at home

Красивый весенний цветок примулаRemember, primula loves moisture. Therefore, in pots should be easy to maintain uniform soil moisture. Also, as necessary to water plants in the open field. In addition, like the loose earth. If the soil is very clay in the region – take a drainage layer not less than 10 cm, because of the abundance of soil moisture can rot the root collar of the plant. For best flowering in early spring primrose should feed her or liquid phosphate fertilizers for flowering plants.

Each spring and after flowering, when begins active growth of roots, and in anticipation of the winter the bushes need to pour peat, compost, humus layer of 4-5 cm. Otherwise, placed very close to the soil surface roots are exposed. In winter, they can damage the cold, although generally overwinter primrose well.

Primula quite unpretentious care, it almost does not affect the pests and diseases.

Primula in the garden, reproduction

If the plant grows 3-4 years in one place, the flowers become smaller, therefore it is necessary to share the bushes. That is most often propagated primrose.

Share and primrose replant in early spring or in late July – August. At the end of the fission plants are transplanted to a new location with the distance between the bushes 15-20 cm, while the flowers form a colorful mats.

On a note. primrose leaves added to salads, it will enrich your meals with vitamin C.