Irises, leaving in the open field

Reproduction iris rhizome, home care in the open field, description, photos

Reproduction iris rhizome, home care in the open field, description, photos

Iris – perennial flower. To put it in the home, in the open ground, you need to pre-prepare the soil, preferably in a few weeks, the site fertilize with manure or compost.

In several periods of growth iris. Completion of the first at the end of flowering, end of May, beginning of June. The second – the formation of flower buds – in September.

Transplanting and division of the root (to breed) is doing in the middle of July and August. When transplanting be careful not to disturb the root because it is fragile. Remove damaged leaves and dried. In order to divide the root need to take a sharp knife and cut, but it is left to each half of 2-3 knots.

The root of a bit slice need to dry for 3 hours under the sun. Then dip in ash wood. Planting deep iris is not necessary, it is enough not more than 4 centimeters and the distance between them is necessary to maintain about 40 centimeters, row spacing to 60 centimeters. The root needs a little trim and shorten the leaves in half.

When the iris planted, should be well watered and mulch with peat or humus. By next autumn plant strengthens their roots and begins to bloom. Caring for iris is not difficult, in time to remove weeds, loosen the soil and cut dried up leaves.

Fertilize irises need, but not often. In the spring fed nitrogen and phosphate fertilizers. Good flowering iris will begin within a year and will last at least 3 years. But after a few years of abundant roots “multiply” so you need to dig out and seedlings.