Dahlias, multiplication by seed, cuttings

Proper breeding dahlias at home, cuttings, seeds, photo

Proper breeding dahlias at home, cuttings, seeds, photo

Propagate dahlias at home are several known methods: cuttings, tubers and seeds. As we know, some flowers in reproduction by seeds do not transmit the “kiddies” mother decorative properties.

Use seeds if they want to achieve a lot for planting. Planting seeds in special planting containers, greenhouses or in open ground. But before planting seeds purified and soaked for several hours in a potassium permanganate solution of 0.05 %.

If the seeding is done in the open ground is best done in early May, when the greenhouse, the end of April, beginning of May. The room should be warm to 22 degrees. At sufficiently moist soil the seedlings will appear first in a week.

After appearing on the shoots of the second pair of sheets, begin picks flowers. Then, after hardening can already be planted in sandy loam soil, mulch with peat and abundantly watered.