Melkotsvetnye chrysanthemum, care

How to treat melkotsvetnymi chrysanthemums

How to treat melkotsvetnymi chrysanthemums

Like many flowers, chrysanthemum melkotsvetnye like sunlight, but must be protected from strong winds, therefore, proper care for these colors – welcome. In the shadow of flowers pulled up, and it becomes weak.

With proper care, melkotsvetnye chrysanthemum can grow and nizkoplodnyh soils, but it is better to plant in the garden plots, with minerals and acidic soil.

Before planting, the soil is prepared since autumn, dig deep at least 25 centimeters and fertilize ten kilograms of manure fermented with the addition of 55 g of superphosphate.

Chrysanthemum requires “care”. Time to clean weeds, loosen the soil especially after a strong hydration and frequent fertilizer.

During the season, you need three times to “feed” chrysanthemum. In early June, when the plant is actively growing, and during the formation of buds. Nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium of 20-25 grams per square. Also used calcium nitrate.

Make sure to remove dried up inflorescence to form new buds to prolong flowering.
When severe frosts and heavy snow precipitation insulated plant leaves in a layer of at least 6 centimeters.