Cornflowers, wildflowers description

Growing field of cornflowers, description and a photo

Growing field of cornflowers, description and a photo

Cornflower, is a perennial plant, which consists of a single inflorescence, which is connected to a lot of small flowers. It belongs to the family Asteraceae. At the moment, it counted about 500 species.

Cornflowers perennial herb, have a long root system. Flowers white, pale blue and pale pink.

Also, there are annual and biennial species, the most common among them is: stir Zvonova grass or babylnik as knapweed and Phrygian. Plant height is 25 to 60 centimeters, sometimes up to 80 cm. For perennials include knapweed Marshall 20 cm tall and round-headed knapweed.

There is a kind of red cornflower, grows up to 40 centimeters, covered with dense fiber. Blooming in late June, early July. Roundhead cornflower reaches a height of up to 100 centimeters, its inflorescence is not more than 5 cm in diameter, the color yellow, blooms in the second half of July.

For the soil is not fastidious, growing in dry, warm place. Before sowing desirable to treat the soil with lime. The plants are easy to care, you need to loosen the soil, removing weeds and watering it for a long time there was a drought. The easiest way to propagate knapweed is its seeds mature plant give a lot of good self-seeding. You can also use the methods of propagation by cuttings and division bush in the spring or early fall. Seeds are planted in late April.

Sometimes a plant is sick rust nematozom or mildew. Can be used for cutting, and for planting in the garden.