Interesting facts about tulips

Interesting facts about tulips. Varieties of tulips, history, how to look, photo

Interesting facts about tulips. Varieties of tulips, history, how to look, photo

Today, around the world, you can watch and admire the beautiful flowers – tulips. These beautiful flowers in almost all gardens delight the eyes of the country in the spring and sometimes in early summer.

By law, the place from which first began its spread tulips, considered Europe, Western Asia, and oddly enough, but it’s true – North Africa. The most ideal and pleasant climate is cool. However, I want to see if you live in warmer countries, before the start of the cultivation of tulips, just hold on them for a while in the warmer temperature for rapid adaptation.

Incredibly beautiful are the tulips, the petals of which are painted in different colors, they are also called – “torn” tulips.

Well, if you saw the small tears on the petals, do not think that this new variety, or that it is so intended. In fact, the tulip has undergone a viral disease and should be cured immediately. It is very important in the future not to collect tulip bulbs patient and do not put it together, to healthy, so you can become contaminated with all bulbs. The whole essence of the disease does not end in tears on the petals. You will see a significant decrease in harvest colors and full development of the tulip.

There are interesting variety of tulips on rose petals scattered small speck. This variety is called “Roses”. And if the violet stain placed on the white petals, this variety has a strange name – “Baybloemensy”. And the most recent, interesting variety – Bizzaro. This class tend to have large petals on yellow spot is usually a different color – brown, red, or in general – purple.

And in general, if we dig deeper, tulips are divided into two sections – early-flowering (the list includes only those tulips, flowering period which ends at the end of April) and late-(which bloom in May). And further, if you keep digging, you can these two categories divided into 16 more completely different categories.