How to grow pineapple at home from the top

Council, how to grow a pineapple homeSo what will it take to grow a pineapple at home? Virtually nothing. Buy a pineapple, carefully cut the top and a little dry them, then we need to treat the cut which has already dried up in the usual potolchennym coal. Take the pot for flower and plant, covering ground scales. To plant stuck it needs heat, so wrap the pot with cling film. After 30 days there will be roots, it will mean that the plant survive and continue its propagation.

Pineapple is not “messing” plant with proper care. Just do not forget about watering. But still we have to be patient because the plant grows quite slowly. When spring comes, our pineapple transplant into the garden, he likes to air and sunlight. With the onset of autumn, once again move into the house, and every 7 days Feeding the infusion perl manure (the dosage of one to one).

Of course, waiting for the moment is our “miracle” will throw out the color, but for this he needs stimulation. When spring comes again, will need to make a solution of water and 10 grams of calcium carbide, spray and wrap film. At the end of 8-10 days to shoot the film and after 21 days you can watch the appearance of small bumps on the tip. An unforgettable time – this is the color. A mouthwatering aroma of lilac flowers.

From the moment of flowering to ripening will take 240-250 days. For a long time, but tastier than the pineapple grown there at home. Just pineapple gives even boring, called stepchildren, they bloom faster. Thrown stepson 7 days after removal from the plant. All 7 days of cutting and hemming slipped coal. After 45 days, let the germ root. If there are new leaves, then he settled down.

Finally after collected the first fruits of the plant itself dies, but leaves behind the new processes in the future of these new plants appear.