How to plant carrots on beds

How to plant carrots in the open groundFor preparing carrots drained or sandy soils. To do this for 10-14 days before the planned date of planting prepare land, that is to fertilize the soil with sand or mineral fertilizer. In order to grow a “beautiful” fruit, you need to work hard on creating the right soil, it must be deep and light.

Some news is that the carrots do not like manure. In soil with a wooden stick 10 cm is necessary to make a recess in 2 cm distance between rows should be at least 15 cm. Next you need to moisten the soil, then sow carrots and again pour only caution is desirable in using a watering can to the seeds remained in place.

There are paper tape, which is adhered seeds, then just a bed in the soil and is also covered with earth. Since the early planting, cover the cost of land planted with a special film.

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