Celery growing in the home of the seeds

What is and what is celery. Beneficial features. How to grow in the country in the spring. How much water and fertilize a vegetable

What is and what is celery. Beneficial features. How to grow in the country in the spring. How much water and fertilize a vegetable

Celery – a spicy vegetable that is true has won its place in gardens in many villages of Ukraine and Russia. The value of this plant appeared a long time ago. In addition to its pleasant and unique odor, celery is also filled with different useful vitamins, carotene and mineral salts.

In nature, there are several views of celery – a celery root, leaf and pedicellate.

If we consider the celery root, then it is probably the biggest root. While proper cultivation of root crops reaches more than 500 grams of weight. In the future, it is used to prepare delicious salad.

Leaf celery is almost never has a root, so developed as in the preceding species. As can be understood from the name, it is used to produce leaves that are valued because of their vitamins. After the meeting, the leaves are laid out to dry and subsequently used as a spice in cooking.

The last of the species – stemmed celery grown for healthy and tasty stalks, which are already full can be harvested in August. There are gardeners who, during the cultivation of celery petiolar try to spud its ground. That’s too bad, because the spicy vegetable absorbs light earthy flavor.

How to grow celery seed

The initial stage of the cultivation of vegetables is to prepare the box to the ground. Earth was originally recommended to fertilize the humus with a small admixture of sand. Before sowing, you should wash the celery seeds in warm water and roll up in the wet paper on the three days. In the next step we will start planting the seeds into the soil and sprinkle on top of the hole with a thin layer (0.2 cm) of humus, which will provide the necessary nutrients for further development. After a few days we will begin to see the first shoots. Now, we are required to thin out the seedlings, because plants too much can lead to mass plants of weakness in general.

Care of seedlings of celery all the time would be only right and timely watering. Also, it does not interfere with the pick, and after it to make fertilizer solution from the ground-based fertilizers (mix one teaspoon nitrophosphate to one liter of water and two tablespoons of this solution pour one cup with plants).

Even before transplanting seedlings into the ground, it is recommended to temper that she later felt more adapted. To do this, take out a box of seedlings out and keep the drawer there day and night.

On a permanent place in the soil should be planted celery only from 15 to 20 May at the latest and, of course, not early. The distance between the seedlings should be at least 25 cm and between rows -. 30-35 cm The best time for planting will be the second half of the day, preferably during a good, sunny weather. Pre-need to take care of a bucket of humus fertilizer beds, as well as – to dig a bed with three banks to pour sand and then add 2 tablespoons nitrophosphate. Recommended digging depth – 25 cm.

Watering celery spend no more than once every 6 days. And focusing on the weather, we use for irrigation from 5 to 10 liters of water.

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