Pests sweet pepper and control

What are pests in pepper?Sweet pepper – kladets useful vitamins. And as any vegetable in our garden it is also “grab” pests. The most common spider mite attacks the pepper, then covered with leaves pale spots and acquire a bronze tint. The naked eye can not always see it, because the tick is hidden under the foliage. If you still notice immediately treated with a solution or malationina derrisa. In order to prevent pest to peppers – regularly treat it with water.

Suddenly pepper attacking aphids, it is necessary to handle the infusion of tobacco, it is one of the most effective means of combating the threat. Since we will fertilize a plant it begins to mature ahead of time to collect the fruit is not ripe, but it’s not scary, because you can then be able to use pepper for preserving and salads.

The harvest usually, the faster it starts to grow, absorbing the necessary nutrients. Especially if further fertilize the soil with bird droppings.

Another useful tip – everyone wants to bushes bearing fruit as much as possible, so it Prischepa between 5 and 6 leaf. In this way, form additional side shoots, and most importantly – increased yield of pepper.

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