The cultivation of cucumbers in the home

How to grow cucumbers in the apartment, taking care of seedlings, watered as needed. Advice to a beginning gardener

How to grow cucumbers in the apartment, taking care of seedlings, watered as needed. Advice to a beginning gardener

Vegetable cucumber fairly common plant in the gardens of Ukraine and Russia, and this how to grow cucumbers in the home or in the home know almost everything. However, to increase the favorable atmosphere for the growth of cucumbers, they know not many.

The first phase, which should necessarily go through each of the gardeners, begins with the selection of cucumber varieties. Of course, the best parthenocarpic hybrids are suitable for planting. They are much less of a problem as they are pollinated. Of course, to grow, you can safely use and some varieties of hybrids, which are only slightly parthenocarpic, such as cucumbers “Cucaracha”, “Pallas”, “Zozulya” and the popular cucumber variety – “April”. These varieties produce maximum yield, because in general are not afraid of sudden changes in temperature, as well as during flowering produce the maximum number of female flowers, which leads to a huge number of cucumbers. Popular varieties can even include Class I cucumbers “Room Rytova”, he is also in great demand among growers.

For planting of cucumbers at home, in an apartment, you can use the soil as well as have the possibility to grow in any medium. Everyone knows that it will provide the greatest soil sailed vitamins and mineral resources for the proper and efficient development of the plant. Therefore, our recommendation is – soil, preferably – black earth.

To make the right soil, full of nutrients, you need to pre-prepare the soil mixture (usually in the soil enters turf ground and humus). For land fertilizer use 2 cups of wood ash, that’s all you need to fill in a small bucket. It is recommended to add about 6 grams of nitrogen, potash and phosphate fertilizers, as well as to significantly improve the soil – 40 grams of lime. After all a good stir and check the pH (recommended – 5.5). Be sure before you start using it to loosen the ground.

Well, with the earth, we have understood. Now let’s do the preparation room for further cultivation.

It is best suited for planting pot cucumbers not less than 10 centimeters in diameter. Before planted the seeds of cucumbers in pots pre-prepared, we must ensure the quality of purchased or harvested seed. For this all throw seeds in a 5% salt solution-welded and select only the seeds that sank to the bottom. The next step is etching all of seeds. To do this, use the 1-percent solution of potassium permanganate. etching time is not more than 20 minutes. To germinate the seeds, they are recommended to first expanded in the filter paper that is folded several times and soak with water (just warm!).

Install our saucer of seeds to a warm place, and it follows that the temperature was not different than the 20-25 degrees Celsius. After germination of most young plants begin to monitor the level of water in the saucer. Bust moisture can completely destroy the seeds.

At a time when the first roots will grow by more than 0.5 centimeters – all the plants are planted on more stuff in pots. At the same time monitor the depth of planting, which should not exceed 2 cm. After that, it is strongly recommended that every day to water the soil until the moment when they start to break through the first sprouts. It is desirable even before the emergence all the pots to keep under glass, or, as an option – on top to pull the film, which will help retain heat and stop the strong evaporation. The appearance of the first shoots should happen in a few days. Now, we are required to lower the air temperature to 16 degrees while fully ventilate the area with cucumbers.

To increase coverage, which need so much more very small cucumbers, we can hang next to the box reflectors. In this mode, cucumber seedlings grow a little more than a month (35-45 days).

Further, as the seedling growth, we determine which plants are strong, and any – weak. And one weak plant with pot, we simply remove.

In the future, the more cucumber develops, we begin to use their imagination to tie it, for example, with string to the top of the window. This will allow the plant to trail as efficiently as possible.

Care of seedlings of cucumbers in the apartment is reduced to a minimum, since the only thing that will be required of you – is timely watering cucumbers, proper fertilization and, of course, humidification.

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