Patissons description

Planting squash open field cultivation, description, photos and care

Planting squash open field cultivation, description, photos and care

Pattinson – a plant with small or medium-sized flat-shaped fruits in the form of plates. It contains 7-10% dry matter, 2.5% of sugar, 100 grams is necessary to 20-30 mg of vitamin C. In this kind of state is zoned as a “white 13”. From the advent of the first seedling to ripening takes 65-85 days. In the food consumed young ovary 5-7 cm After harvest, the fruits of the same day used, namely -. Marinate, so as not to lose the taste.

Patissons respond well to fertilizer, is not susceptible to disease and pests. What to cook from squash probably ask those housewives who have never before had to use them? The answer, you can cook a lot of dishes. Can they fry, cook, stuff, brew, pickle, and even freeze. Small fruits remarkably amenable to preservation. Such a plant variety as “Sun” will bring the harvest by 58-69 days after germination, the fruit can weigh from 250 to 300, at remarkably amenable to closing banks in the winter. “White 13” from the moment of emergence, to collect passes 55-67 days, the fruit weighs 400-500 g, “the F1 Rodeo”, a hybrid squash variety, has a high and early harvest. The fruits of his gentle, suitable for seaming whole.

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