Getting rid of woodlice on cucumbers in greenhouses

Tips, get rid of woodlice in the gardenFor several years, we use a greenhouse to grow cucumbers, but as soon as the first crop there and then attack and destroy their small, gray woodlice yet they are called slugs.

Because of this, the plant withers and falls. It is also trying to erase, sprinkling the soil and the leaves on the stage 5 leaves, alas, did not help.

Slugs are found in cold, wet places, because they require moisturize Gill. Favorite Food woodlice – is rotting remains of organic species. Nesting in greenhouses, thus destroying only appeared cucumbers.

Means of pest control is. Expanding the night in the greenhouse notched potato or tomato. Thus, creeping out at night slugs feel the bait. On the morning of check and collect woodlice.

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