Red currant on trunks with their hands

How to make a red or black currants on trunksUnder the direction of an experienced gardener redcurrants quite obedient, because it allows itself to grow in the form of a tree, not to mention the bush. Since planting currants, can achieve a stam plants. To make a red or black currants on trunks with their hands, seedling currants buried, bowed slightly and dug the root of the plant is now able to grow back new branches, roots.

For trunk sprouts on currants are not necessary, and therefore put right without burying in the ground base berry tree. All branches and sprouts from the root is removed, leaving the home, in the same way come from branches per stem, thereby determining the height of the trunk. Two-year currant allowed height of 40 cm, the young seedling – 20-25. Further, it is important to form the crown – it is necessary to begin to grow branches of the tree of the future. We pinch the upper part, as a rule, the procedure of doing a spring is allowed even in the summer. The following year, when the sprouts appear on the sides of their graft over the second sheet. A year later, repeat the operation, employing new shoots should be trimmed by 1-2 cm., Without touching those 10 cm in length. The following season, the above described steps is done on increasing the harvest.