Why not fruits hazelnuts

Hazelnut cease to bear fruit when it begins?Different varieties ripen asynchronously hazel stamens and pistils, and therefore are either absent or fruit on the bushes a little hazelnut. This is the cause of complaints amateur gardeners.

Given that hazelnuts sterile itself, you should be in the neighborhood with them to plant 3 or 4 types of hazelnut, and they will pollinate each other. Hazelnut harvest is low because of frosts during dumping hazel inflorescences. In those areas where the cold climate – plant a normal, wild hazel, she will not be afraid of any frost or cold weather.

Blossoms hazelnuts in early March, the middle of April, when the main part of the country is snow. In March, the trees do not have leaves, and carpel easily absorb pollen. The process begins when the tie hazelnut, takes place in early summer.