Where and how is better to plant the japanese quince

Photo, japanese quince - plant.

Photo, japanese quince – plant.

As the Japanese quince – is a perennial plant, than the choice of the planting area is very important and we must do it very carefully. For the planting it will be suitable a piece of the soil with a flat landscape and with the slopes to the south-west or north-east.

It is not recommended to plant Japanese quince in areas of open space, which are not protected from the wind, and in the lowlands, where the air is stagnant.

As for the preparation of the soil for planting the tree, there are the same rules as for the other fruit plants.

The quince tree is the vigorous tree and for the digging into the soil, the growing, you need to provide enough area. So that to get a stable harvest of delicious fruits, we must plant the quince and realize that the trees of different varieties should pollinate each other, such as this tree is the very pollination plant.

In the gardens with a large territory, at one area, you need to put at least 2 different types of quince trees, only than happen the pollination and this will increase the harvest.