Rudbeckia, care and propagation

Beautiful flower, growing, care at home, photos, description

Beautiful flower, growing, care at home, photos, description

In the name of many varieties of rudbeckia you can find the word «gold», because rudbeckia flowers are deep yellow color, which gets warmer. This plant has many advantages, for which it is loved by gardeners. Among them are the abundant flowering, beautiful foliage and shrub strength. It is also important that rudbeckia perennial and annual completely unpretentious in the care and well tolerated winter.

Caring for these plants is not much different from other perennials. Before planting, the soil should be dug, it made compost or humus. Water the young plants should be abundant and timely manner. Especially this recommendation concerns the variety of shiny and rudbeckia dissected. The best growth is noted in well-lit areas, so for them to better highlight the sunniest place on the site. Fertilizing should be done twice in the first half of the summer. Thus it is necessary to use complex fertilizers.

If rudbeckia good conditions, it is rarely sick. The appearance on the bush mildew says that plant something is missing (light, food or moisture). From the pests can be observed snails and slugs that can consume the leaves of young seedlings.

Reproduction was carried out as seeds (the crop should be under winter or early spring) and dividing the bush or cuttings. If you need to cut the cuttings with a rosette part of the rhizome (do it better in May). Rooting usually goes well, after which the plant is planted in a permanent place.

With rudbeckia flower beds coexist in many plants (both perennial and annual). Successful neighbors are flowers that are purple or violet shades. The most common combination of rudbeckia with phlox. Also, this plant can be combined with a variety of grasses, against the background of yellow flowers that will look particularly impressive.