How to form the crown Kalanchoe

Kalanchoe flower, care at home

Kalanchoe flower, care at home. Photo and description

In our flower shops selling imported kalanchoe, which are grown with special drugs that slow the growth of plants. After entering the normal room conditions kalanchoe is beginning to take its natural shape. He shoots stretched out, and the leaves become smaller. To prevent this from happening, a plant should be properly looked after.

To form a crown of kalanchoe, it recommended simply pinch back the tips as they grow. This simple measure encourages branching plants. Pinch kalanchoe is recommended only after it ottsvetёt. Maintain decorative plants helps topping the tips of shoots in places that need extra volume. It is also possible to shorten the shoots that too stand out from the green mass. It is also important to feed the plant during the period of active growth: it will help him to be healthy and to maintain the attractiveness.

If the shoots will grow too, and the base is exposed, it is best to cut them and root. To do this, cut branches should be a little dry in the air and then planted in a special soil mix for succulents. When planting need to be guided by a simple rule: processes are better placed at the edges of the pot. If you sit in the capacity from 6 to 10 branches, soon they will begin to bend under the weight of their green mass hanging from the pot. This will make the plant more aesthetic. It is also possible to plant kalanchoe in a container with holes.

If kalanchoe is located on the south window, his last pinching should be performed in late November. A plant that lives on the east or west windowsill pinch at any time.

In early autumn, kalanchoe is recommended to send a vacation necessarily reducing its irrigation and the duration of daylight. If such conditions place the young cuttings of a few months, they may soon give abundant flowering.