Nuts hazelnuts and almonds in the garden

These nuts like hazelnuts and almonds require a favorable climate, because frost – the reason for the complete destruction of the harvest of these species. Therefore, the Black Sea coast area so surprising abundance of hazels.

Almonds, benefits and conditions for growing

It looks like almonds, photo and descriptionFor good growth almond essential light and heat, moisture abundance kills the plant, while almonds can even move a protracted drought. Walnut unpretentious to the soil, which is growing. It withstands temperatures of -20 degrees.

The nutritional value of almonds is many times greater than, for example, meat and fish products, and whole fruits. This nut is the richest protein. So almonds is considered beneficial for the body, men and women, and especially – children! Remember, no harm from drinking is not.

There are two types of almonds, spread in the garden areas: the bitter (for medical needs) and sweet (for human food). You can distinguish the taste.

At the ripe fruit appears along kernel crack. When collecting the harvest we must try not to damage the buds that start to grow strengthened after harvesting.

In good conditions almond crop may please you to 80 years.

Hazelnut (another name – hazel)

How does it look, photo and description

How does it look, photo and description

Hazelnuts, like almonds, has great nutritional value, amino acids and trace elements, and in general – a lot of benefit from it. It contains valuable vitamin – E, which is able to prolong life. It is recommended to eat to improve the condition of the body of both men and women. Harm from eating there, do not listen to different nonsense. Hazelnuts are used in the confectionery and food industry. It contains a lot of calories. Oil hazel requested in the healthcare industry.

Hazelnut is not fussy to the ground, but it requires sufficient moisture, do not tolerate drought. It is necessary to monitor the level of moisture in the soil and in dry summer weather, you need to irrigate. But basically, hazelnuts not require a lot of care, therefore available for horticultural growing in all areas.

Hazel has a high level of productivity. Conveniently, the nuts can keep long – up to two years. You should only put nuts crop in dry place without foreign odors.