The apples are falling in the garden, what to do?

The initial phase of falling off the fruit comes at the moment of their greatest maturation. Falling of apples depends on the variety, weather / regional growing conditions and equipment for tree care. Many varieties of the fruit fall off to maturity. It’s better to pick apples to maturity.

The causes of early falling off of apple fruit

The apples are falling in the garden, what to do?

The apples are falling in the garden, what to do?

The falling off ripe fruit is often the case because of the small pollination. You must select varieties of trees in the garden so that they were able to pollinate each other. Try to keep in the garden useful insects such as bumblebees, butterflies, bees, wasps. Insects good pollinate flowers. When you sprinkle fruit trees of various pests, you must try not to scare away or kill useful insects that fly through the garden. You must destroy pests, prevent the occurrence of various diseases and feed the tree. If you fall such moments, the tree suspend the development with the age and fruits are not ripe, they simply will not get energy.

How much we need to water the apple trees?

When you need to water the apple tree? Take the soil, which is around the tree and squeeze, friable soil will tell you about the lack of moisture. To water the garden is better in the evening and around the crown. During dry summer make it 5 times on the day. Together with watering fertilize the soil (once – 7-8g urea, 10-12g of ammonium nitrate, 6-7g of potassium sulfate, and the same number of double superphosphate).

The reason for falling off early fruit on fruit trees are fruit pests. Take care in time the trees from the nightmarish “neighbors”.

What to do if the apple is frozen? It’s no secret – the frosts make a negatively influence on the ripening of the fruit. For pale trees take good care and earlier, before the frost, protect them.