How to Get a Lemon Tree to Fruit

When life gives you lemons, grow trees.

When life gives you lemons, grow trees.

So that the lemons have a harvest you need to learn and carry out the rules of a successful growing of a lemon. It is necessary to lemons trees to provide the required care: warm, light, moisture, watering and fertilizing.

The unsuitable conditions for the growth of plants can create the sudden changes in room temperature (11-24 °C) and very dry air, especially if in the house is the central heating – then the moisture may fall to 14-19%.

It should be noted that in the cool season the soil in the pots or other things that are on the windowsill, it is very cool, and they cushion are in the dry and warm air. As a result, the lemon trees dissolve a large amount of moisture, which is nowhere to get.

The lemons begin to drop the leaves; and the loosing of leaves and ovaries in lemon causes a decrease in harvesting in the future.

The best temperature for growth and development of the lemon trees in the growing season is the temperature within + 16 + 19 °C at flowering – +15 +17 °C; It is necessary that the temperature of the soil was close to or slightly higher than the air temperature. The most suitable moisture of air is about 60 to 80%.