Saskatoon, description

Planting and caring for irgoy, property description and photos

Planting and caring for irgoy, property description and photos

In our countries, there are more than 25 kinds of berries.

Saskatoon applies to shrubs to a height of 5 meters. The root system of the plant has a surface, leaving up to 40 centimeters deep. The leaves are round and oval.

Flowering irgi occurs almost simultaneously with the cherry, and in the beginning of May. Flowers white or cream color. Resistant to frost in early spring, wonderful honey plants.

Begins to give the crop a few years after planting shoots, if propagated by seeds, it is not less than 4 years. Berries are not large in size, similar in shape and color with blueberries. Mature they are not all at once, starting from the middle of July and early August. So it will have to collect twice.

Saskatoon is not whimsical to the conditions of life, grows well in any soil, even though the composition of the soil. Shadows are not afraid. And it is important that many of the hardy.

For fungal diseases and different kind of pest resistant enough figuratively instinct “self” is well developed. Propagated by seeds is possible as well as root cuttings. Sometimes grafted to the hawthorn.