How to propagate the buckthorn at home

Tips on breeding of Sea buckthorn in the home.One of the most effective ways is a vaccination, but only if it have the height to 25 cm from the root collar. Thanks to this method, the percentage is 70% of engraftment, if make the vaccination at the very root neck the percent decrease to 14-19%. We must do the vaccination of 2-year seedlings, the height of which should be about 60 cm and a diameter of which about 10 mm, and also we can do the vaccination to older plants, but only after flowering or when kidneys blossom.

When the branches grow close to the soil and the plant is still young than is the right time for the propagation of the buckthorn seedlings. For the successful propagation, we can use the root sprouts, they appear , when the plant is five years,at this time they keep all sorts of plants.

You should know that the young shoots haven’t their root system, they fed from the main body. That’s why, a few years before their propagating, you should cut the root that connects them, than the development of its roots in the shoot will be faster.