How to cut the cherries in the autumn

Autumn crop of cherries.

Autumn crop of cherries.

From the sort of a tree will depend the formation of сrown.

The variety of cherry we can divide into two types: bush and tree. Such varieties as Melitopol dessert, Vladimirskaya, Lubskaya, Podbelskaya, Shpanka, Shalunya, belong to bush. These varieties form lateral shoots that hang down, it will lead to the thickening of the crown. They can form by type and without the tiered crown. It is necessary to know that you should do often the thinning the crown, cut the large branches. You can’t short the branches during the fruiting, because the new shoots appear at the top of the growing kidneys.

The trees of the second type have the narrow-pyramidal form. Such varieties as early English, Griot Moscows, Turgenevka, Orlovskaya early belong to the second kind. We can form the tree crown by cutting unloaded bunk type. The line of the dry branches should be more than 40 degrees from the center, as the tree grows and if we will not follow the correct degree and it may lead to the breaking. The cherries such kinds will give the fruit in the flowering branches after the crown forming is completed, the cutting will consist of the deletion of the dry, broken out and crossed branches, also we should delete the processes from the internal and lower surfaces.

We need to short the fast growing and mid growing types before the tree will give the fruit. We can do the rejuvenation on the side branch. It will lead to the reduction of crowns to 4-5 meters among the fast growing and mid growing, up to 3 meters – at weak growing varieties.

Also it is necessary to conduct a so-called “rejuvenation” at the moment when the growth will decreases from 9 to 16 cm. You have to do the rejuvenation one in 5 years. So that to increase the formation of flowering branches, we need to thin and slightly shorten the shoots.