Prunus description

Planting and care of cherry, growing technology, description and a photo

Planting and care of cherry, growing technology, description and a photo

Prunus counted all over the world about 20 species. The most popular is the ordinary and virgin. These types winterhardiness and can withstand temperatures down to -45 degrees, also have high yields, with each year. And not least, it is not choosy to soils.

Common bird cherry bush looks and is, like the small sapling to a height of no more than 15 centimeters. Crohn’s broad and thick with a barrel not exceeding 40 centimeters in diameter. It grows around the Baltic and the Far East, near the riverbeds and can even reach the Arctic Ocean. Flowering early mostly the middle of May. Small black berries ripen completely by the middle of June and July.

Bird cherry bush up to 7 meters in height and crown up to 3 meters in our country grows only in the culture.

Fruiting and slightly tart red berries ripen in late August, decorative and tends not to crumble quickly. Soil for planting may be different, but demanding on the humidity, as soil and air. It may be partially shaded.

Propagated by way of grafting, layering or seeds. Seedlings grown using seeds from the age of two are planted to a permanent place.

The garden will be a sufficient amount of a few wild cherry trees. It should be planted next to the banks of ponds or rivers. Between seedlings landing distance should be at least 4 meters. Like other plants, trees pruning do with the growth, the crown should not exceed 5 meters.